For audit, research and clinical care.

A patient-centric cross-organisational longitudinal electronic health record (EHR).

Manage populations of patients organised into disease registries.

Designed and created by clinicians, for clinicians.

Advanced EHR

For example, it is used across Wales to support the ongoing care of patients with a range of acute and long-term health conditions allowing integrated teams working from different health organisations to access the same patient record in a secure manner.


Interfaces with existing NHS systems integrating disparate legacy data from a range of sources into a patient-centric logically organised record. Clinicians view upcoming clinic appointments and rapidly record structured and unstructured data for each encounter including SNOMED-CT.


The key to effective team-working, PatientCare contains a sophisticated secure messaging system integrating with email and linked to patients creating a narrative view of patient care.

Record outcomes

Record generic life quality disease outcomes as well as more sophisticated disease-specific outcomes such as rating scales used in both routine and clinical research practice.

Clinical research

Identify patients suitable for different research projects, receive alerts when a potentially suitable patient is seen, enrol patients into clinical research via electronic consent forms and organise cohorts of patients into disease registries.

Service management

Track innovative ways of working not recorded by traditional patient administrative systems such as telephone encounters, email exchanges, multidisciplinary meetings and patient support groups. Display such encounters by individual, clinical team and service.

Patient reported outcomes

Our clinic software integrates with a dedicated patient portal to capture patient reported outcomes before and after clinic.

Biobanking and lab support

PatientCare integrates with our dedicated biobanking software linking research and laboratory information directly into the patient record.

Decision support

Real-time decision support with the user of modular intelligent agents which assess patients providing support information directly into the patient record.

How is Eldrix PatientCare used?

Our software is used across the National Health Service (NHS) within Wales in the United Kingdom. It supports the care of patients with a wide range of disorders tracking clinical outcomes for audit and research purposes on well-defined clinical cohorts. For example, PatientCare supports a local South Wales registry of over 2000 patients with multiple sclerosis supporting local clinical care and research. It provides a national registry coordinating the care of patients with neuromuscular disease across Wales. PatientCare underpins the South Wales motor neuron disease registry tracking patient's neurological, respiratory and symptom history. We have been commissioned to provide an all-Wales epilepsy registry by the Welsh Epilepsy Research Network (WERN) for audit, research and clinical care.

Contact us

We are always keen to be contacted to discuss your requirements. Our services are modular and extendable and support open-data principles integrating with legacy systems protecting your organisation's previous investments. We are a group of clinicians and developers who principally write software for our own use - our aim: to write software that we are happy to use to look after our own patients. Please contact Mark Wardle for further information.